New Hearing Solution Changes the Way People Hear with Cochlear Implants

— Advanced Bionics and Phonak introduce Naída Link, the first hearing aid capable of communicating with a cochlear implant —

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Get Connected to AB – Telephone Talk

Connect with AB is a recorded online webinar series for candidates, recipients and professionals to interact with AB experts and AB recipients to understand Advanced Bionics hearing technology in the real world.

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rehAB Made Easy – Learn From An Expert

rehAB on the GO! is an online webinar for professionals that will help you learn how to access, navigate, and use and other materials to support listening and language development.

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Loud & Clear

Download the newest issue of Loud & Clear! Loud & Clear is Advanced Bionics’ rehabilitation periodical.

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FDA Approves the AquaCase Accessory for the Naida CI Q70 Sound Processor!

The robust AquaCase™ accessory has been developed to provide the same great hearing during even the most rugged activities. The AquaCase accessory is designed for use with the swimmable AquaMic™, AB’s unique, IP 68-rated microphone. The AquaMic i...

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AB releases a new ground-breaking app to support recipients

AB releases a new ground-breaking app to support recipients. The myNaida CI app is an innovative mobile solution for providing product and instructional information to help recipients get the maximum benefit from the exciting features and accessories ava...

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Welcome on board! Phonak joins The Listening Room.

AB is proud to partner with Phonak to expand the reach of The Listening Room™ online rehabilitative website. The Listening Room website’s dynamic platform is designed to support auditory training and rehabilitation for listeners of all ages, no matter what degree of hearing loss they experience or what kind of hearing device they use.

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